Indian Elephant Guruji Ayyappan, Decorated Temple Elephant before pooram

Indian Elephant, Guruji Ayappan. Photographed from Kerala Temples
Elephant of kerala named as guruji ayyappan,elephant-photos,kerala-elephants,elephant-pictures,elephant-mahout,decorated-elephant,nettipattom,thidambu
Decorated elephant with mahouts on top photographed from Temple premises before the festivals or Poorams. Photographed from somewhere in Thrissur district.

Photos from pixelshots, the Kerala blog

Indian Elephant Photos, elephant Gireeshan

Elephant, pet named Gireeshan. All domestic elephants are given names, particularly related to names of Hindu Gods. Elephants are considered holy Creatures in India.
domestic trained temple tusker elephant gireesan,kerala-elephant-pictures,asian-elephants,indian-elephant
Domestic elephant of South indian state Kerala. Temple elephant of kerala photographed from Thrissur district.
                        Photos from Pixelshots, kerala photo blog.

Decorated Elephant & Mahout, indian domestic Elephant E Ayyappan

Elephant decorated with nettipattom, the temple elephant named E Ayyappan. Ayyappan is the name of a Hindu God. kerala-big-elephant,elephant-photos,elephant-mahout,elephant-e-ayyappan,hindu-temple-elephants,south-indian-elephants,elephant-pictures,decorated-elephant,elephant-with-nettipattom,ornamented-elephant
Mahout and the Big Tusker Elephant of Kerala, E Ayyappan. Photographed from some temple festival events somewhere in Thrissur, Kerala.

Elephant photo taken from, Pixelshots the Kerala Photo blog.

Big Elephant Photos, South Indian Elephant Guruvayoorappan

One of the biggest temple elephants of Kerala, named Guruvayoorappan. The elephant is domesticated under the Guruvayoor temple of Kerala.

elaphant tusker named guruvayoorappan from guruvayoor temple of kerala-india,Big Tusker,KErala elephants,trained-temple-elephants,Big-Kerala-elephants,Elephant-Photos
Elephant Tusker named, Guruvayoorappan. Photographed from premises of guruvayoor temple, Thrissur, Kerala

  Elephant photos and info from pixelshots, the photo blog on Kerala

Domestic Asian Elephant,, Elephant Chandrasekharan

Elephant named Chandrasekharan, one of the famous elephants of south Indian state Kerala. Chained Elephant from somewhere in the Thrissur district, Kerala

Elephant which is under the command to stand still by the long pole leaned to its body by mahout. Elephant photo and information courtsey, Pixelshots- the kerala photo blog.

Indian Temple Elephant, Guruvayoor Nandhan- Famous domestic Elephant Photos

One of the famous elephants of Kerala state. Guruvayoor Nandhan, the tusker elephant domesticated under the Guruvayoor Temple.

Kerala Elephant- Guruvayoor Nandhan. Elephant photographed from Guruvayoor Temple premises, Thrissur/ Kerala/ India..
                Courtesy pixelshots, the Kerala blog

Decorated Asian Temple Elephants, Festival Elephant Photos- Thrissur/ Kerala

Decorated Temple elephants photographed from Thrissur district of Kerala. Elephants decorated with ornaments like Nettipattom, Thidambu etc. Mighty big Tusker elephants of kerala gathered in the order for some temple festivals somewhere in Kerala, the south Indian state.
Decorated Mighty Temple elephants of Kerala assembled in Pooram, the festival of Kerala Temples.

            courtesy pixelshots, the kerala photo blog

Trained Elephant Ithithanam, Indian Elephant Photos

One of the famous temple elephant of Kerala- the south Indian state. Elephant photographed from thrissur district of Kerala

elephant-photos,indian-elephant-itthithanam,kerala-temple-tusker,asian-indian-elephants,south-indian-elephant-photos,fampos-elephants,big-indian-elephants                                             Tusker elephant Named 'Ithithanam'

Photo and Information Courtesey, pixelshots the kerala photo blog 

Indian Tusker Elephant Closeup photo

Photos of Kerala Elephants . Closeup snap of tusker elephant from kerala, the god's own country.

elephant closeup photograph from kerala,asian tusker elephant domesticated in kerala temples
Courtesey, Pixelshots - photo blog on Kerala.